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How to select shirt sizes for groups

Confused about ordering shirts

Need help deciding how much of which sizes to order for your group? Without sizing up every one of your team members, sometimes its difficult to select just how much of each size you should order. Thankfully we can help you.

Firstly a bit of basic math – don’t stress, its just a picture!

Bell curve for shirts sizes

This is a bell curve and it allows you to distribute your sizing across a group based on standard variations. This particular one is for the average male group 18 – 45 years where the majority of the group fit a Large shirt and perhaps Medium or X Large. For women of the same age group, the average is a Medium shirt. To achieve this you simply shift the lettering at the bottom of the bell curve to the left one column.

Rather than guessing the proportions in each size column why don’t you use the proportions below that have come from a long history of sales:

Shirt size proportions

Now simply multiply your total shirt number by the size percentage. For example, if you want 100 shirts for Ladies you calculate the following:

100 shirts x 13% (or 0.13) = 13 shirts in Small

100 shirts x 37% (or 0.37) = 37 shirts in Medium

….. and so on.

The key thing at this point is to remember that this is only a guide. You know your team better than the rest of us. If you have a bunch of older golfing chaps, I would suggest that you skew your proportions to the larger sizes. Likewise, for school children, drop all sizes by at least one sizes Eg Large to Medium or Small.

If you’re still having dramas then drop us an email and we’ll help you out.