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Promotional shirts

Unit shirts logo
Your product, business and team deserves to be seen. Cost effective and simple promotion shirts are easy to source through Unit Shirts. Just ask Cam from 100% Kokoda who required cotton promotional shirts and sports shirts for his trekkers. 

Without trouble or hassle, we gave Cam an affordable 100% cotton black shirt with his custom logo, using a simple font in yellow ink, on the front and the back.

Black 100% Kokoda cotton shirt

By using the same design, Unit Shirts was able to produce a red micropolyster sports shirt for the same price. Again, 100% Kokoda were able to get their custom logo on the front and back.

Red 100% Kokoda sports shirt
Simple process and cost effective. Why wouldn’t you do this for your team?


Trust me, it is worth your while. The whole team at Unit Shirts have struggled their way up the yamas (mountains), through the mud and across the fast clear rivers. The only reward is a sense of engagement with the people and geography that shaped the Australian cultural ideal from the mid 1940s. That reward is more than enough to inspire you to achieve so much more in your life. Whether you’re there to learn about the local Papuan culture or to revisit some of the fiercest battles between Australia and Japan from the Second World War, you will not go away disappointed. 

What I won’t do is distract you with stories of a physical struggle by a fat middle aged Aussie veteran, weezing his way through the majestic jungle beauty, bumbling through adventure and strife before exploding onto the Kokoda airstrip with a colossal relief. Instead, let me remind you that you can adventure through the unknown and be assured that Unit Shirts will remain here to record your accomplishments in print on custom shirts when you return. Just send us an email at