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Mortar Platoon, Support Company 7 RAR

Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 7 RAR

Custom sports shirts and hoodies

Turning our attention to Adelaide, the lads of Mortar Platoon from Support Company, 7 RAR decided to go with both the sport shirt and hoodie option, making sure we’ve got them covered for all seasons and weather. Whilst Unit Shirts was more than happy to help out on the season and weather front, we’ll happily leave the ‘terrain’ bit of the Role of the Infantry to the Mortar Platoon blokes though.

7 RAR Mortar Platoon Sports Shirt - Front
7 RAR Mortar Platoon Sports Shirt – Front

On the front they went with the Royal Australian Regiment emblem under a Support Company reference, with the team’s Mortar Platoon identity subtly alluded to with a sharp looking and customised image of an ‘M’, refashioned to include the blade of a bayonet.

7 RAR Mortar Platoon Sports Shirt - Back
7 RAR Mortar Platoon Sports Shirt – Back

The reverse side we emblazoned with the team’s callsign and clear reference to their role within the Battalion, ‘You spot ‘em, we pot ‘em’. And if being viewed from their flank, the lads opted for the unmistakable inclusion of a mortar on base-plate image on the sleeve, underscored with ‘Mortar Life’. No doubt the team wanted to make it clear that being a member of Mortar Platoon is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. There’s no mistaking who’s out on the sporting field now with this group and a formidable statement of solid team unity and morale.

This isn’t the only recent example of the team pride and tradition within 7 RAR being put on display. Only last month on 8 September, 7 RAR further strengthened its close bond with the City of Adelaide when the Unit was granted the privilege of Freedom of Entry to the city. At the ceremony, Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese commented, ‘This is only the seventh occasion Adelaide City Council has granted the right of Freedom of Entry in its history’.

It’s been six years since the Unit arrived from Darwin in 2011 and the Battalion came out in formidable style, with 500 soldiers forming up on Torrens Parade Ground before marching through the city, accompanied by four armoured personnel carriers, as well as a combined band. With the Battalion having maintained a high operational tempo over the past two years with deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Malaysia, it was a fitting and timely recognition of the Battalion’s service to the country.

7 RAR Freedom of Entry to Adelaide
Figure 1: 7 RAR Freedom of Entry March – Adelaide (Source: City of Adelaide Facebook)

Interesting local fact and linkage

The Torrens Parade Ground, where 7 RAR formed up last month, is also where 3 RAR conducted a trooping of the Colour on 20 April 1975 to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong. Significantly, the trooping was the first since the presentation of the Unit’s Colours in 1956. The Pipes and Drums also paraded for the first time in the dress of the Scots Guards, the Battalion’s affiliated British Unit.

Torrens Parade Ground
Figure 2: 7 RAR– Torrens Parade Ground (Source: City of Adelaide Facebook)

Army News – 5 October 2017

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