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Farewell Gifts

bottle opener key ring farewell gift

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Farewell Gifts

What farewell gifts are you getting your team members?

Have you considered a bottle-opening key ring?

21 Construction Squadron certainly did. They went with a highly customised key ring emblazoned with their team logo on one side and the corps badge on the reverse. The coin was then reshaped to include a bottle opener and then a key ring was attached. To top it off, the guys were able to laser on the personal details of each of their team members and included their dates of service as well.
The specs of the job were:
  • 2 inch coin
  • die cast enamel
  • antique copper plating
  • beer opener cut-out
  • key ring
  • laser personal details
The mould was struck at a cost of $200 due to the highly customised nature of the job and the coins were $10 each. The best bit is that the mould will be kept for 3 years so, regardless of the quantity of future orders, the team can get these great coins for $10 each.
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Beer opening farewell gifts

patent of beer bottle openerHere’s something interesting for you. Pre-1982 beer bottles were corked and it wasn’t until February 1982 that William Painter, an American mechanical engineer, invented the ‘crown cork’ cap. The cap is a metal lid with a plastic liner (originally this was cork) affixed to the lid by using pleats or ruffles around the neck rim. Unfortunately it took William another two years to invent a bottle opener, so I’m guessing quite a few beer bottles had their necks broken by frustrated drinkers in the intervening two years. The ‘churchkey’ bottle opener was an instant hit.
field knife that is a bottle opener
(Field knife and its sheath. The upper cross guard is bent forward and can be used as a bottle opener)
Like many industrial products, the late 19th century and early 20th century heralded a huge increase in production. The cap was an inexpensive way to maintain product freshness and keep the bubbles in. Not surprisingly an explosion (pun intended) of soft drinks hit the market at about the same time. Despite the popularity of the product It took the Germans (ok – anyone actually surprised that it was the Germans?) until the 1960s to standardise the cap.
It didn’t take much longer before people worked out that a bottle-opener could be made from practically anything. 
Novelty bottle-openers really kicked off after Jim Wysopal made a surfboard bottle-opener in the 1990s. Having a nifty bottle-opener on a key ring was a natural progression from here.

Side note

What do you do if you’ve forgotten your handy new customised bottle-opener key ring? How do you open a bottle without a bottle-opener? Grab a spoon/fork/[insert solid object here] and lever it off your hand that’s gripping the bottle neck. Remember to lever off your four fingers not your thumb! If that’s good enough for you, here a nifty poster with another eight methods.

9 Ways to open a bottle without an opener
9 Ways to open a bottle without an opener
Remember that a beer bottler opener is simply a lever 2 lever with a fulcrum at the far end of the bottle-opener…
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