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Coins – custom made for the Movers Inn

Custom coins made for $10 each – quality, double sided colour unit coins. Too good to be true you say? Not at all. These stylish coins were recently made for the Movers Inn in Brisbane. 

The perfect memento or gift. 2 inch diameter with options to include a cut out bottle opener or even a key ring, there really is no reason why your team shouldn’t be without one.

Who are the Movers?

So, evidently there is a unit called the 1st Joint Movement Group – which isn’t a group who jointly have a movement but rather a group of specialists, mostly Army, who coordinate all the strategic and operational transportation requirements for the Australian Defence Force around the planet. 

They are so prolific in Australian operational commitments and so good at their job that in 2015, the Group was awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation by the Australian Governor General. For a really small group of dudes and dudettes I reckon that deserves a beer on ANZAC Day – even if they are called handbaggers!