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Challenge Coins – TAAC-S

TAAC-S Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins are a great way to promote your team. Small enough to ensure you have a few in a pocket to trade or give away, yet still full of style and personality. The lads at TAAC-S in Afghanistan certainly thought so. Their choice was a great 2.5 inch die cast coin with a 2D design on both sides and an ingenious cut-out that turns a simple coin into an awesome bottle opener.


Challenge Coin TAAC-S
Challenge Coin TAAC-S Front


Challenge coin TAAC-S
Challenge coin TAAC-S Rear


Like it?

Want your own team coin?

There’s no minimum number to order. The TAAC-S coin order was for less than 80 coins with each coin costing less than $15. This price included bespoke design, production and delivery. No job is too small and no job too hard. While every job is different, this should give you an idea as to what your hard earned cash can get you.

Email and we’ll organise a quote for your customised and affordable piece of team memorabilia.