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Army Sailing Club – Polo Sports Shirt

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Army Sailing Club – Polo Sports Shirt

The Army Sailing Club race their yacht up and down the coast of eastern Australia all year round. Recently the Club sent their yacht Gun Runner on a 56 day offshore voyage from Sydney to Townsville. The Club introduced about 60 new people to sailing and it was a perfect opportunity to sell some Club shirts.

The Club wanted a go-fast design polo shirt that would still look sharp at the Yacht Clubs they were racing in. After a few suggestions, we ended up with a 100% micro- polyester polo shirt that had sun protection and dried swiftly. The panelling and design has proofed to be a great combo. The shirt included a colour print on the back and a four colour embroidery on the front.

Army Sailing Club polo sports shirt front light

Army Sailing Club polo sports shirt back

So how much as this? For an order of just over 100 pieces, the cost was $25 per shirt. Note that this included a small discount in recognition of the fine work the Club does in working with military people. Its a great price for some very customised shirts.

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